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Post  BikeBeth on Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:35 pm

(* plus one lap, of course)

24-Hour Race starts at 5 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4
24-Hour Race ends one lap after 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 5

The regular Fifth Street Cross Race Schedule is also in effect:
Early Race: 6:30 (15 minutes plus a lap)
Late Race: 7:17 (15 minutes plus a lap)

Non-24-Hour Racers can show up and do the usual thing.

24-Hour racers will participate in the 6:30 and 7:17 races; we will gather the 24-Hour racers as they finish their laps, hold them at the start, then send them off with the pack for those two races. Then they'll just keep riding for another 21 hours or so.


$20 to enter

$5 payouts to leader every six hours

Last-place gets entry fee back

Winner takes rest of purse

Fifth-place gets Fifth Street Cross jersey

Plus the usual fabulous and fabulously overbaked prize list

PBR Shortcut in effect for the full race

PBR totals count in the season-long standings

Finish order is determined by number of laps, then time

We'll score the laps some of the time; some of the time we'll be on the honor system. There will be a board to mark your laps.

You can sleep:
* on our somewhat heated sunporch, which is enclosed
* in the bike shop, which can be heated to excess if you want the baseboard heater that high and are willing to keep the bay door closed
* in the garage, which can either be unheated with the door closed (to avoid wind) or heated by propane with the door open (to avoid asphyxiation)
* in the playhouse, if Taylor agrees to share
* in your own tent on our lawn, which just doesn't sound like much fun at all

You can't use our kitchen; you can use our outside grill.

There are electric outlets in the garage, bike shop, sunporch and outside to plug in coffee makers, recharge lights, whatever.

If you're racing, email Beth at bikebeth@gmail.com so we can get a handle on the volume.

Don't forget your number.

We're going to try to dial down the noise level between, say, 10 and 3 a.m. so the cops don't come.

I think we'll have live blogging or twitter or at least driveway chalk pictures to give updates.

Fifth Street Cross
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