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Post  steak on Fri Oct 17, 2008 6:26 pm

Imagining myself to be the Bill James of FSX, I thought I'd start a running list that tracks the PBR leaders throughout the season. I am going to presently hold off on putting an asterix next to Kuklis' total, but I think the man needs to silence all the whispers, rumors, and accusations of less-than-empty cans hitting the tarmac.

Anyway, a drumroll for the chugging, burping, shortcutting leaders after week two....

1. (tie) Ryan and Kuklis, 9

3. (tie) Scooter, Plunkett, and Yarnell, 8

6. (tie) Bowman and Chuck, 7

8 (tie) Cush and Steak, 6

10 (tie) Ponch, Matt A, Pryor, 4

Bonus sidebar! Strange but true facts about PBR!
1. A can of PBR contains 153 calories.
2. That means anyone who downs a case of PBR during 24 hours of cross will consume 3,672 calories (unless it's Kuklis, in which case it will be 3,366 calories).
3. PBR contains 4.73% alcohol.
4. The Canadian version of PBR contains 5.9% alcohol (wtf?)
5. During prohibition the Pabst folks manufactured cheese to make ends meet. But during the late 1920s Kraft successfully sued Pabst, proving that the company had infringed on copyrights related to Velvetta. So Pabst settled and sold it's cheese business to Kraft. Who knew that one?
6. Pabst no longer brews beer (though PBR was brewed in Allentown until 2001). Most PBR is "contract brewed" by Miller.
7. Now that Budweiser has been sold to Belgian conglomerate InBev, Pabst can accurately claim to be the largest American brewer. Even though the company doesn't actually brew beer. Then again, Budweiser can claim to be Belgian now, so I guess they're even.
8. Pabst is a prominent sponsor of NPR.
9. PBR sales peaked in 1975, when the company sold more than 10 million barrels, though current sales are inching close to that total.
10. PBR is certified vegan.


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