What will Thursday bring?

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What will Thursday bring? Empty What will Thursday bring?

Post  brad on Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:44 pm

Rain? Mud? Will the Christamas lights work? Will Kuklis crash? Will Plunkett puke? Will Ryan wear a wife beater? Will Dan expose himself? Will the local IronWoman show up to contest the only "race" that really matters? Will Duke finally find his soul-mate? Will the el Camino sway like a rusty barge anchored in a sea of spectators? Will Yozell double and make us all look like jack-asses dragging our bike around the yard, again?

The suspense, the humanity.... the shame....


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What will Thursday bring? Empty Pre-Race Quotes

Post  BikeBeth on Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:04 pm

Overheard at a Wednesday evening social function:

"I'm actually truly terrified. I've only ridden the course once and that was by myself in the daytime."--JK, admitting his fear of his 2008 FSX debut

"You know that spot where the shortcut meets the regular course? There is a whole lot of burping that happens right there."--Xine, observing the after-effects of the PBR chug

"Yeah those guys must be off their game. I was really surprised how many people I beat out of the PBR tent at the beginning of the second race."--Matt A., relishing that Ryan and Kuklis haven't quite figured out the Pounder influence


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