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The new course is bitchin'

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Post  Ryan P. on Sun Oct 12, 2008 8:55 pm

Bill & Beth:
Thanks again for hosting all us knuckleheads.
We all appreciate what you have brought to our Thursday nights in the fall.
It was a riot and I know theres 10 more weeks of this!
Good to see some familar faces and a few new ones (Is there a field limit?) First rule about Fight Club...

Word to the wise: The pounders are not to be toiled with...They are definately a game-changer.
Also, can we get rid of those f$#@ing roots at the exit of the Kuklic Shooooooots? They punished me (or maybe it was the 75 lbs of pressure coupled with the 5 beers)

Are there any needs that were not met as far as TP, beer, new dog beds, etc.?
Ryan P.
Ryan P.

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Post  BikeBeth on Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:18 am

Great opening night. And to think that many of the regulars weren't even able to make Race 1. The big new recycling bin was overflowing from one night. This season scares me. Thanks Ryan, for reminding everyone about the first rule...

Sponsorships are coming in and still needed. We're covered with TP (Robi), shop rags (Steak) and propane (Dave/Selene). Also got some great bonuses from Andy Taus--podium, medals, extra barrier.
But we still don't have a cognac sponsor and our personal stash will be out after this week. If you're into supplying cognac, you should know that we won't serve swill--you gotta go for XO, or at the very least VSOP. We also need someone to supply kid snacks and drinks, etc. Or if you've got kids, plan on bringing your own.

Also, an FYI: the "cabin" (aka Natalie's playhouse) has already been reserved for 24 Hour FSX.

Broken tape and the downed stakes are repaired and the course is ready for Round 2. See you Thursday--pounders and wicked roots and all.

Kuklis--thanks for picking up the Elky yesterday.


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