I felt like Paris Hilton at a God D@#N Hollywood after Party

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I felt like Paris Hilton at a God D@#N Hollywood after Party

Post  Straus on Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:27 pm

And here I thought I would never amount to anything... After being invited about two years ago I finally got my Ass up to 5STX... For the past two years I have been working and promised myself and the shop that this year I would change my schedule and do whatever was necessary to get myself up there... Well I did... I'm still awaiting my ride which should be here by next week and I'll be out there puking with everyone else, but for last night I got to hang a bit, take some pics, and see what this great event was all about... Being just the guy next door I was amazed that the moment the bell rang, and the Pabst started to flow I started to feel like an F'N Rockstar... Was it true... Could 5ST really change a person in that short of time... Hell I wasn't even riding... By Damn I think it could... And hell, talk about feeling at home... I grew up in a small farm town called Millville near Bloomsburg Pa... Caminos were not just a form of transportation... They were a way of life... Hell I think I was conceived in the back of one of those things... To see an El Camino adorned with SLAYER on the rear corner panel I was in awe... And then the goats... I had a girlfriend back home that looked just like one of them... Thank you 5STX for making me more than just the Jackass at the end of the bar drinking Iced Coffee... See ya next week... Twisted Evil


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