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Post  bill on Sun Dec 16, 2007 6:04 pm

Here's the format:

30 minutes + 1 lap
Unlimited PBRs (still 1 per lap)

In the event of a PBR tie, deathmatch short-course rules will immediately go into effect.

Failing that miracle of debauchery and, please, God, let it happen the garage doors will close on the season and you all will post-haste make your way down the hill to South Mountain Cycles for the Fifth Street Cross Banquet Awards Blowout.

Beth and I will arrive in about 15 minutes to announce and reward the winners:

* Overall
* Women's
* Junior
* Top 20


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FINAL NIGHT Empty Food & drink

Post  BikeBeth on Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:15 pm

A number of people have asked what the food and drink plan is for the final FSX. We've got enough beer at Fifth Street for race happenings. But we'll need beer for the after-race Awards if you're bringing beer for the party, take it straight to SMC.
For food, Bowman suggested ordering from Armetta's. Potluck food donations (especially Topher's cheese) are definitely welcome, too.

Coordinate with Bowman and Taylor on all food and drink for this week. (Or perhaps, they'll post some details here?)


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