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Post  BikeBeth on Tue Nov 20, 2007 3:48 pm

Intermission last week marked the midpoint of 2007 Fifth Street Cross.
Don't get all teary yet; there's much more riding to be had. On Sunday, we'll host the afternoon edition of FSC with new racing formats, including the hugely popular Team Race. In order to coordinate pairings, I stayed up until the wee hours figuring average lap times for each of you. Before disclosing the ugly details, a few fun facts:

6:01:54—Number of hours Robi has spent this year racing around my yard; the most of any 5th Street Crosser.
51—Number of laps that Bowman, Taylor and Robi have raced this year; all tied for first in total laps.
5:31—fastest average time, posted by Yozell. (It should be noted, this was based on Yozell's one and only race; and in dry conditions. Not that I'm saying he can't do it again, but will he?)
4—number of FSCers to post sub 6-minute average lap times: Yozell, Ray, Brad, Topher.
1,238—total number of laps raced at 5th Street so far this year.
149:09:26—total combined racer time at 5th Street, which means, you've basically ridden nearly an entire week in my yard without stopping.
7:14—Average lap time of combined Fifth Street Crossers. Which brings me to...
Kuklis—Who has an average lap time of 7:14, therefore is the embodiment of all of you, all of us, as one. Somehow that makes absolutely perfect sense, doesn't it?

Now, the details...
Midseason breakdown Averages


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