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Final Night Specifics Empty Final Night Specifics

Post  BikeBeth on Tue Dec 15, 2009 12:47 pm

This Thursday, Dec. 17, is the final night of the 2009 edition of Fifth Street Cross. By that time Robi, Yarnall and Mark might be sufficiently detoxed from the 24 Hours of FSX epic. Whether proud 5th-place jersey winner and tough guy of the weekend Matt Allyn is yet able to pedal his bike is yet to be determined.

As in previous years, the last night of racing will be followed by a celebration to 11 glorious weeks where we'll hand out awards for overall and other racers. This year's after-party will be at the VFW just across from the bike shop in Emmaus, where we held the Belgium Night extravaganza.

Just after the last bell is rung, tents are pulled down and the course is cleared, we'll shut FSX down for the year. Anyone that can stick around for 15 minutes or so and help disassemble our start/finish, would be much appreciated. I plan to head home immediately and start working through the final results. As soon as the calculations are complete, I'll be down with all of the fabulous prizes--hopefully within the hour.

Couple notes:

1. We have to rent the top floor of the VFW, so please bring along $10 to cover our fee for the room and for the bartenders.

2. We can't take in our own alcohol. And don't expect cases of Belgian beer compliments of the Pryor household this week either. (Of course, anyone is free to work with the VFW and splurge for specialty beer for all of us if they so wish!) So although the beer is cheap, you'll still need cash to drink.

3. Several Emmaus residents have offered up floor, couch, yard space for anyone who doesn't want/can't drive home after the happenings. If Belgian Night is any indication, this should be many of you. (This does not include our sunporch, which still has quite a bit of airing out to do after the weekend's shenanigans.) You might want to throw a sleeping bag in your car just in case the night goes as well as previous editions.

4. We plan on ordering pizza for alcohol-absorption. If someone could volunteer to coordinate collecting donations and taking care of pizza ordering, that would be great. Any other snacks/food donations are welcome also. The VFW also has a kitchen that's open until 9 p.m.

5. Don't forget that Keith will also have his special edition Fifth Street Cross T-shirts there for sale. Bring along $20 if you want one.

6. Questions? Give me a shout at

See you all on Thursday.


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