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Want the Good News...or the Bad? Empty Want the Good News...or the Bad?

Post  BikeBeth on Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:20 am

We know you're all excited about Belgium Night and the big ol' 40th birthday celebration on Thursday. Many out-of-towners have already informed their loved ones to "not wait up" and have had the foresight to secure Emmaus-based housing for the night. Which is all good considering they'll need the day Friday to relax and recover for the 24 Hours of Fifth Street Cross, commencing this Saturday (12th) at noon. It's gonna be a good one.

By now, you should know the specifics of the race. (If not, check out the FAQs under Commentary for 24 Hours of FSX). Anyone can come and ride, but if you plan to ride laps, you have to pay $20, whether you finish or not. You can jump in the race and start anytime after noon Saturday, but to be in contention to win (or for the FSX jersey), you've got to still be racing at noon on Sunday. (Which means, theorectically, you only need to do a final lap at 12:01 on Sunday.) You can go to and from the site at anytime for food, sleep or sanity. Winner gets a cash purse (last year was $300); other prizes are also awarded.

If you've previously sent an e-mail to say you're in, then you're good to go. If you still want in, let me know (bikebeth@gmail.com) or just show up on Saturday. If you're not riding, but feel like heckling or helping, please come by. If last year is any indication, fan support is much appreciated. Anyone that wants to drop off bedding, food, drinks, spare bikes/wheels, etc. can bring stuff over on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning. The sunporch will be unlocked so you can throw anything in there. Please park on the street by the church (Fairview) rather than the church lot on Sunday, so we don't anger God on the Sabbath.

Questions? Fire away.

And just for fun, a little something to ponder about the race...

It's not going to rain or snow. The low is 21 degrees on Saturday.
We'll have a fire all day--and night. Someone needs to split more wood.
The coveted FSX jersey is up for grabs. You have to finish. And finish fifth.
The PBR championship will be determined. Last year's record was set by Robi.
At 32 beers.

The fast guys are more apt to wimp out. Or kick your a$$.
The race is back home at Fifth Street. It's 80% singletrack.
You get to ride 10 daylight hours. And 14 hours at night.
Last-place finisher gets his entry back. You suck.
You can sleep on the sunporch. Notoriously loud snorer Matt Allyn
is also there.

There will be Milwaukee mimosas at sunrise. That's after 18 hours of racing.
The race is on a weekend this year. You'll still be hungover from Belgium

You don't have to fill out those annoying forms. If you hurt yourself, it's your own
damn fault.

No silly sardines or apple-bobbing shortcuts. It's all PBR.
16 racers gave it a go last year. Only 8 finished.


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