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Quotes of the Day--and Night Empty Quotes of the Day--and Night

Post  BikeBeth on Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:11 pm

"No way. But now I have no one to ride with."'--Mary Costelloe, voicing her disappointment after Duane got a 100-second Lantern Rouge headstart

"I told him to grab the tree."--Topher, after "accidentally" flinging a rotting tree into Bobby's path on his way to a Race 1 win

"I've never been so dizzy and lost in a bike race."--Taus, commenting on the maze-like pine section

"I'm injured and can barely walk."--Kuklis, justifying his pairing with Bobby in the Team Race

"Was that wagon there the entire time?"--Cush, after encountering the firewood wagon on the cobbles, which was "placed" during his ITT lap

"Don't be a dick, Mom."--Wes to his mom Kathy, as she rode in the hotly contested Race For People Who Never Race

"Look at Mary. She hasn't a care. I'm like ready to shit myself!"--Stacie Pearson, at the start of the Race For People Who Never Race

"I totally kicked ass!!!"--Stacie, speaking modestly about her Race For People Who Never Race win

"Can you just wait to have the awards ceremony after I'm done with my lap? Out of courtesy?"--Robi, the last starter in the Individual Time Trial, the evening's final event

"He has more hair on his ass than his head."--overheard after Fan Favorite Robi mooned the masses from the Elky podium

"But I can get that for free."--Selene, unhappy with her award, oblivious to the fact that she DID just receive it for free

"You have to power through it."--Jay to Taylor, after Taylor blamed his inability to split firewood on the dullness of the blade

"There's a reason that lumberjacks are not notoriously skinny."--Taylor, during a 30-minute attempt by three FSXers to split a log


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