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Post  BikeBeth on Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:32 am

"I guess bumping those SportLegs up our nose earlier wasn't a good idea."--Ryan, as Nick suffered his way into the shortcut tent

"Then someone sneezed for a half-hour."--Trisha, who witnessed the SportLegs exhibition

"I heard a lot of screaming and cursing after a crash in the field."--Taus, reporting on MIA Steve's last known whereabouts

"I left."--Steve, answering his cell phone after a concerned timekeeper realized he hadn't been past the tent for several laps

"Who's this?"--X2, helping with timing, unable to recognize Plunkett as he came across the barriers

"We've got some aggressive riders here. The bear was groped!"--The Bear

"This beer weighs more than I do."--Tom, possibly regretting his pounder handup

"That was perfect mud. It was easy to ride through, you just slid all over."--Geronimo, obviously enjoying the FSX mud more than the Mercer mud

"The tall one's mine!"--Swope, laying claim to her pounder

"A new life."--Cush, in response to Ryan's question of "what do you need?"

"It's a rainbow coming out of her mouth!"--X2, commenting on Selene's inability to keep her multi-colored gummy bears down

"There was a parking lot full of naked men. It was awesome."--Trisha, on the carside after-race changing area

"Ohhhhhh, whooooaaaa, eeeeewwwwww..."--The collective response to Robi revealing his winning chest hair


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