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Post  BikeBeth on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:44 am

"Just give him something."--overheard in the shortcut tent as Matt Allyn chugged a beer when it appeared all hotdogs had been eaten

"No, I caught it."--AJ, when asked if his mouth-covering-gagging episode resulted in losing his 5th hotdog

"Here comes a really slow person."--Bill, watching Cush walk his bike over the final barriers

"Nice leisure pants."--Topher, after Wes appeared at the awards party, apparently in PJs

"This weather was absolutely perfect."--Frank, honestly happy after racing in a 35-degree rain

"I fell asleep in the bathtub."--California boy AJ, explaining his 2-hour delay getting to the awards party

"Really?! I must've had my head in the sand."--Larry, hearing that FSX has been going for 5 years


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