Quotes of the Night

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Quotes of the Night

Post  BikeBeth on Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:37 pm

"Suck it up!"--Stacie Quotomatic Pearson to Pete as he casually sipped his Peeber after Lap 1

"When we were going through the sandbox and over the barriers together, I fooled myself into believing that I would be able to take him in the sprint. Then in an instant he put about 15 seconds on me."--Jamie, on his short-lived dream of beating Bobby Lea

"Why am I out here all alone?"--Selene, after continuing her lap after the cobbles in Race 2

"Did you see the turtle?!"--numerous people commenting on Steak's on-his-back feet-up crash on the course

"You guys pretty much just handed it to me tonight."--Mark Weir after Race 1, fresh in from sunny California

"I rode the trainer there a lot."--Jackie Simes, when asked how he could dis the conditions when he just returned from Belgium

"No way! Why would I?!"--Pete, when asked if he'd yet taken off the FSX medal he won at last week's race

"Why did you get a silver and I got a bronze?"--Yarnall to Pete, upset at the inconsistency of awarding the Fastest Slow Person medals

"Has anyone seen Erica with my glasses?"--Yozell, after riding blind for Race 1

"Do you have a broom I can sweep this up with?"--Slate after pre-riding and tracking a bit of mud in the garage, unaware of the devastation that was about to happen at FSX

"I think I just blew snot on you."--Kuklis to Natascha, who was standing a wee too close in the PBR tent

"Has anyone seen my bike?"--multiple racers, stumbling around the driveway, as it neared 2 a.m.

"I need to rethink this move to Pennsylvania."--Cush, still refusing to embrace East Coast winters

"You'd all get a helluva lot better workout."--Pete, trying to convince Bobby why he and Floyd Landis should hold the OUCH training camp in Emmaus instead of San Diego next week

"I just want to punch Robi in the head again."--Taylor, entertaining the crowd with multiple blows to the ever-helmet-wearing Robi

"Do you want it Dutch style?"--Joao, to Harlan, pushing the limits of his podium girl role

"Jeremy obviously has no idea what chugging beer is all about."--Bowman, Ryan, Kuklis, Yarnall, etc. on the "Belgian" choice of Budweiser for the shortcut

"I haven't done that since 10th grade."--Jeremy, after shotgunning a Budweiser to prove it's a chuggable beer

"I needed some time to recuperate."--Jeremy, finally leaving FSX at 1:30 a.m.


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Re: Quotes of the Night

Post  dan on Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:58 pm

"This was humbling"--Hellride Host Mark Weir on FSX

"I will leave the ass-measuring kit here so Bill can measure your ass if you want" --Bontrager lady when asked if she would measure my ass

"Woah- naked guy here" --Kuklis while changing in the bike shop

"Your mud is gritty" --Slate on PA mud VS PDX mud

"That means 'you have a nice ass' in Flemish" --Jeremy

"The smell in here is an amazing combination of sweat, kerosene, shit-mud, and waffles" --unknown person in the garage between races


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