Early look at the season multiplier

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Early look at the season multiplier

Post  steak on Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:14 pm

Bill told me recently that a)FSX would be using the same season multiplier as last year; and b) that he had to look at his notes to remember how the hell he did it last year.

Anyway, I had a foggy memory of the system and looked at the handly archive to refresh my memory. And one clear fact jumped out immediately.

Bowman is winning! By a decent amount.

It appears that three other riders are in shouting range of Bowman: Yozell, Ryan, and Jamie. But anyone who wants to beat Bowman for the season needs to outpoint him in the next two weeks.

Everyone knows that Bowman walks and rides around with this sizable chip on his shoulder...this sense of aggrievement that he is often being shafted by dubious scoring and judgments. I believe he has finished second in every year that FSX has been contested. So you could say he's the Jan Ulrich of FSX (just talking about all the 2nds here, not making any statements about Mark's social habits or his physique or unmet potential as an athlete). But everyone should know that as far as the 2008 FSX season is concerned, this underdog routine is bullshit.

Fifth Street Cross is Bowman's to lose. I know it. I think Bowman might know it. And now you know it, too.


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