Props To Mary!!!

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Props To Mary!!!

Post  Straus on Fri Oct 24, 2008 2:49 pm

Being a pal of Mary's I decided to take a complete loop with her on race 2 to see if all the hype was true as to how much carnage this gal takes on a routine night at 5STX... Well let me tell you... It was not only correct, but more than I had ever imagined... In 1 lap totalling 1 mile I got to see Mary: a) Fall 3 times putting her body not only on one part of the course but two at the same time... 1 accident tossing her in the weeds before the big run up, 1 accident landing her partially on the singletrack beside the road and partially on the road, and the 3rd I can't remember exactly where it was... b) Snap a stake in half and hook the caution tape and drag it about 15 feet c) get a picker bush stick shoved up her rear derailleur while extending to her behind and drug for about half the lap... d) and I saved the best for last... I watched her lose control heading down the hill towards the shed and "smack" right into it... You may say that is the one that was heard from the fire pit, but oh no, it was the second time she had done it that night... And this was only on lap 1 of the 2nd race... Gotta love er!!! The Props comes from each and every time she hits the ground she laughs hysterically gets up and puts one pedal after the other... Congrats Mary for a Job Well Done!!! If ya wanna call it that!!! clown


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