FSXers Do More Than Drink

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FSXers Do More Than Drink

Post  BikeBeth on Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:01 pm

I got a call from Bill an hour ago to say that Ryan "where's the dogbed" Pomajevich just won the Men's B race in Wissahickon. After a 4-man break gapped the 75+ field with a few laps to go, Ryan outsprinted the other 3 for the win. All of this without a single PBR (during the race at least). Good job, Ryan.
Bill's call reminded me that as great and fun as Thursdays nights are, a huge number of FSX riders also race hard on the weekends...in what some refer to as "real" races.
Following are some of the stats so far this year. (Notice that Granogue isn't up yet--24 hours AFTER the race? See how spoiled you all are with your FSX results posted within hours of Race 2 on Thursdays?)

BEAR CREEK September 13
Women C
1. X2

Men C
2. Jamie Harris
3. Taylor
6. Matt Allyn
8. Kuklis
11. Plunkett
19. Dan Killingsworth
20. Spago

Men A
10. Brad Ford
19. Bill Strickland (after missing his C start and catting up)

BEAR CREEK September 14
Elite Master Men
6. Brad Ford

Men C
3. Keith Plunkett
7. Jamie Harris
10. Taylor
11. Matt Morrison
14. Bill Strickland
16. Spago
23. Feather

Women B
1. X2

Men B
6. Ray Ignosh
9. Ryan Pomajevich
13. Kuklis

Master Men B
8. Dave Pryor

NITTANY CROSS September 20
Elite Men
11. Bobby Lea

Elite Women
12. Kristy Swope

Elite Masters
4. Mike Yozell
45. Brad Ford
46. Bill Strickland

2,3,4 Men
41. Ray Ignosh
42. Kuklis

B Men
36. Ryan Pomajevich

3,4 Women
3. X2

PHELPS SCHOOL September 27
Men A
2. Nick Shaffer

Men B
24. Scott Feather

Women B
2. X2

Men 35+
2. Mike Yozell
15. Brad Ford
20. Ryan Pomajevich

Men C
3. Matt Allyn
4. Keith Plunkett
10. Taylor
11. Bill Strickland
14. Jamie Harris

Elite Men
10. Nick Shaffer

Men B
11. Ryan Pomajevich
28. Andy Kuklis
32. Feather


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Thanks Beth

Post  Ryan P. on Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:33 pm

Thanks for the props Beth.
It was, however, the 35+ B race, but a win is a win.
With all the carbo loading I did the day/night before, how could I not win?
For the record: FSX is the real racing. The other stuff is just training...
Also, our newest fast guy, Bobby Lea, took a PBR feed from the pit in his UCI C1 Mens Elite race. We're gonna like this guy...
Ryan P.
Ryan P.

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Re: FSXers Do More Than Drink

Post  swope on Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:15 am

Nice job, Ryan!

All Granogue results are up on CN now. Only late race results so far for Wiss.


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Re: FSXers Do More Than Drink

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